The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web
- Michael Litt

& Image Management
It’s been around for a number
of years,but video campaigns are increasingly
being used by small and medium sized businesses
to advertise products and services.As such they have become
increasingly important to the success of the online advertising campaign, here’s why Most people prefer to watch a video then have to read on the web. So to get a long message across be sure to stick it in a video, audience responses will be stronger.

With people paying more attention to videos, one with adequate length and quality content mean your website bounce rate will be reduced as people stay on your site for much longer. Adbuzz helps you optimize your videos for video sharing sites, including eye catching titles, descriptions, and use of links to other content. From here your video becomes a sure candidate for an increase in search result rankings, and with your video placed on top of the search results in your field, consumers will go to your video first. Web based video sharing is still in its infancy; however it continues to grow and evolve. Using this technology now to advertise your products and services will put your brand ahead of your competition that don’t.

With video campaigns you can better build customer trust in your brand and what you are selling as now your brand will have a “face”, and you can show your product or service in action.The low cost and increasing speed of video production technology; means you can be advertising your brand and pulling in customers in a short space of time and with few resources.Do you wish to use video encourage recognition of your brand, and secure the attention of your audience? Contact us, we are ready help.