WordPress – is it the Right Platform?

Websites: a necessary online area for a company. It contains information, facts, maps, tutorials, or any other business related topics. You will rarely find a business without a website or some sort of online identification. It is imperative that all business owners create a website for a more than satisfactory amount of customers and views. But how does a business owner create their website?

WordPress is the largest and most popular blogging and website template creator on the Internet today, currently being used for approximately 74 million live websites. WordPress is an open source Content Management System, meaning that it is used to create, manage, and hold online digital content.

CMS allows a user to author their website in an easy fashion, where editing and creating new pages can be added efficiently without the need of knowledge in areas such as html coding. It also lets the author manage a site’s structure and theme. With the help of CMS, web content can be edited and updated in a small amount of time. When managing a website, content management is something that must be paid attention to.

However, as an open source Content Management System, why is WordPress the place to create your own business’ website? Created in 2003, WordPress is a future of digital design technology. With each new update it introduces new widgets, plugins, themes, installation, static pages, and media management. WordPress is organized and switching themes only takes a few seconds. Websites using WordPress can also be accessed through the back end of the site where changes can be made. This means changing and adding new content for viewers makes a business or website owner’s life much easier and communication with current and potential customers simple.

When creating a WordPress site, the user will be confronted with multiple theme templates they are able to choose from to decide what they want their website to look like. They will be able to choose from free and paid themes with varying prices. As a free open source Content Management System, when starting off with a WordPress site the user can search through a variety of different types of styles they would like their website to look like. Free themes can range from updatable blogs to online stores with a plethora of different looking sites. Web designers can also create their own style and personally decide the exact theme that they desire and exactly what is being imagined can be transferred onto a digital page. As well as customer service and easy editing from business owners, web designers can easily and efficiently create and turn their creative ideas into a reality.

WordPress is  the best platform to use. It is the most efficient and easy-to-use open source Content Management System. It is a useful web tool which is helpful to businesses and customers alike, where a customer is able to view a website with ease and a business owner can easily make changes. Millions of web designers will recommend WordPress as it is the most popular and arguably the best CMS on the internet as it is simple and quick, requiring little knowledge of coding, html, or other complicated web design techniques. When creating a website, WordPress is the way to go!